Sand Valley Golf Course


Sand Valley Golf Resort pays homage to the great heathland courses of London, namely Sunningdale, Swinley Forest, Walton Heath, and St. George’s Hill. Why were these courses a model for what the Keisers wanted to build at Sand Valley?

Built on inland sites with sandy soil and low lying heathland vegetation (scrubby oaks and pines, heather, bearberry, blueberry, kinnikinnick and more) these great Heathland courses were built to bring the drama and playing conditions of links golf to the inland “heathland” properties close to the bustling London city center.

Similar to the great links courses, these properties feature dramatic sand dunes, windy playing conditions, unusual bounces from firm fairways, and a multitude of strategic playing options. Having played these great heathland courses the Keisers knew how enchanting they can be and hoped to bring the same level of fun and enchantment to the great, sandy, heathland property at Sand Valley Golf Resort.


The visual impact of the stunning Sand Valley course at Sand Valley Golf Resort is immediate and gasp-inducing. It begins with the opening tee shot, off a high sand dune dubbed The Volcano, to a ribbon of rumpled fairway flanked by vast expanses of natural, exposed sand, dotted with low-growing vegetation and copses of pines.”
According to Mike Keisler “Sand Valley is a thrilling dunescape, a cross between Pine Valley and Sand Hills.” Hence, perhaps, the name Sand Valley. But to conclude that does an injustice. Despite the insistence of some pundits, Sand Valley is not an imitation of Pine Valley, America’s top-ranked golf course, although the two bear similar traits.
Sand Valley has wider panoramas, larger expanses of visible sand, fewer pines and bigger targets on each hole. Nor is it Sand Hills, that central Nebraska private retreat that truly began the Coore-Crenshaw epoch in golf architecture. Their Sand Hills design was as minimalist as humanly possible; their Sand Valley design involves more manipulation of the land: sculptured fairways, hand-carved sand scars, invented green sites, all done with such sophistication as to mislead most into believing such features were there from the beginning.


1697 Leopold Way
Nekoosa, WI 54457