Heather Glen


Inspired by the earlier traditions of golf, architects Willard Byrd and Clyde Johnston and a small group of ardent lovers of the game have molded this 400-acre, heretofore untouched historic site into a golfing masterpiece. The natural beauty of ever-changing elevations, gigantic 100 year old pines, colorful dogwoods, glistening hollies, graceful live oaks, winding streams and brooks (burns) and the lovely Firth of Clyde… all crowned with a 19th Century British-styled clubhouse, have created a showcase symbolizing the beauty of Scottish tradition.

This club has three nine hole golf courses that are played in three eighteen hole combinations. All three golf courses were designed to have fifty-foot elevation changes, gigantic 100-year-old pine trees, pot bunkers, and waste areas spread throughout all twenty-seven holes. All three golf courses have narrow, tree-lined fairways. The greens are sloped and feature mounding around them. Streams come into play several times on each golf course. Heather Glen, a 27 hole facility inspired by Scottish Tradition, has been a favorite among golfers of all skill levels.

2110 Highway 17
Little River, SC 29566