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Are you gambling on an advertising program that depends on luck, hoping that someone will see your ad amongst the hundreds if not thousands of ads in one of our local coupon books?

Just like a slot machine, there is always a chance that you could hit it big without spending a lot of money, but would you want to bet the future success of your business on a chance. So why gamble with your advertising program, why not put your bet on a program that works, one that drives business straight to your door.

Golf Travel Insider is not an advertising company, we are a marketing company, and for the past eight years we have been marketing golf travel packages to Myrtle Beach and some of the other top golf destinations in the Country. Tens of thousands of golfers use our website to get information about each of our destinations and thousands use our service to plan their golf trips.

Whether clients or just visitors to our site, they depend on us to provide them with information about which courses to play, where to stay, and which are the best restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues in the area. More importantly they depend on us to provide them with information and access to businesses that appreciate and welcome traveling golfers.

For as little as $20.00 per month you can take some of the risk out of your advertising program when you start marketing your business with a company that knows and works with your next customer.


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